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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

International Mother language day.

Complete information about International Mother language day.


Hi friends, tomorrow is 21st February, which will be celebrated as International Mother language day all over the world. Now here some important information about this special day.

The idea of celebrating International Mother Language Day was the initiative of Bangladesh .It was approved at the 1999 UNESCO General Conference. And has been observed throughout the world since 2000.

UNESCO believes in the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity for sustainable societies. It is within its mandate for peace that it works to preserve the differences in cultures and languages which helps in fostering tolerance and respect for others. 

Linguistic Diversity is strongly threatened as more and more languages disappear. Globally 50 percent of the population does not have access to an education in a language they speak or understand. Nevertheless, progress is being made in mother tongue-based multilingual education with growing understanding of its importance, particularly in early schooling, and more commitment to its development in public life.

Multilingual and multicultural societies exist through their languages which transmit and preserve traditional knowledge and cultures in a sustainable way. 

Now here are some video links of speech of this special day. 

Link one. Click here

Video of Puran Gondaliya. 

Link two. Click here

Matrubhasha din ni ujavani 

Link three. Click here

Matrubhasha din mahatva

Link four. Click here
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